"My strongest, most unwavering personality trait is my passion for new challenges. Throughout high school I have challenged myself in my academics and have not once let myself down. When a new opportunity arises that will put me to the test, I do not hesitate to give it my all."

The 2010 recipients of the Carlee A. Wines Memorial Scholarship at Manalapan High School.The inaugural recipients of the Carlee A. Wines Memorial Scholar Athlete Award at the Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School.These words were written by Carlee on a college application. During her senior year at Manalapan High School Carlee was given an assignment to pick something to challenge herself for her Peer Leadership class. Carlee chose to train for a five mile race. She had 10 weeks to accomplish this goal and in May of 2006, Carlee ran the Spring Lake 5. This was the inspiration for Manalapan High School to create and sponsor an annual five mile race in Carlee's memory. All proceeds from the race go to the Carlee Wines Scholarship Fund in care of the Community Foundation of New Jersey. The fund celebrates and remembers the incredible impact Carlee had on so many lives. The scholarship commemorates Carlee’s hard work and continual effort to challenge herself and others around her. The recipients reflect Carlee’s willingness to take on responsibility and exemplify Carlee’s positive outlook on life. Recipients of these scholarships have gone on to achieve in college and beyond. Jayleen Murray (center), 2014 recipient of a Carlee Wines Scholarship with Carlee's father Steve (left) and brother Casey (right). Jayleen graduated from Brick Memorial High School and is headed to Penn State University.2010 scholarship recipient Michael Migliaro was recently recognized for his leadership in and outside of the classroom as he was nominated for Monmouth University's 2014 Outstanding Student Award, given to the college's finest student leader. 

Currently, sixteen scholarships are awarded annually:

  • Two scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each to one male and one female student at Manalapan High School
  • Two scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each to one male and one female student at Brick Memorial High School
  • Two scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each to one male and one female student at Keansburg High School
  • Ten scholarships in the amount of $500 to students with special needs attending Brookdale Community College
  • The Manalapan-Englishtown Middle School awards the Carlee A. Wines Memorial Scholar Athlete of the Year to two recipients.

A very special thank you to Manalapan High School, the local community, and friends, along with UConn and UConn Greek Life for all they have done to support this cause.